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Meek condems Greene mailer on Israel


Democrat Kendrick Meek started a frenzied final campaign weekend in Jacksonville, working to rally his base in predominantly black neighborhoods.

The U.S. Senate candidate worked hard to get his most reliable voters to the polls in a county where he has focused significant attention. "You guys take care of me," he urged parishioners at St. Paul's AME church, who were gathered for a potluck lunch.

Before heading to events in Gainesville and Eatonville, Meek rallied with local Congresswoman Corinne Brown at a get-out-the-vote fish fry complete with a marching band, Spider Man bouncy-house and a crowd topping 100.

He condemned a new attack from opponent Jeff Greene that suggests Meek is a weak supporter of Israel, a key issue to Jewish voters in South Florida. "It's really offensive when someone would stoop so low," he said. "I'm at the point where I feel like Mr. Greene has lost all credibility in his arguments."

Voters asked Meek about the attacks as he campaigned. "Retaliate with your vote," he told one woman.


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Concerned voter

Meek is a far left career politician bought and paid for by the special interests.

Ted Parsons

Green is a Republican in Disguise and paid for off the backs of every mortgage holder who is now underwater or being foreclosed on.

True Blue

Kendrick, the Jewish vote went south a long time ago. Your only hope is the A.A. vote and there are just not enough of them. No big deal. Crist has this one sewen up.

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