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Meek v. Greene debate on the rocks

Oy. Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek wants to move Tuesday's 2 p.m. debate in Orlando against rival Jeff Greene so he won't miss a hastily scheduled vote in Congress.

According to a letter from Meek's campaign manager, Abe Dyk, the Greene campaign balked at the two alternative times offered by sponsor Leadership Florida -- 8 p.m. Monday and 9 a.m. Tuesday.

This would be the Democrats' third and final debate before the Aug. 24 primary and the only live forum televised statewide.

"We once again urge you to reconsider this position and not to allow politics trump good public policy,'' Dyk says in the letter to the Greene campaign that was released to the press. "While under no circumstances are we willing to forgo the only chance for a statewide audience to view the debate, if your inflexibility persists, Kendrick will be left with no choice but to miss this critical vote (in Congress) that is so imperative for the future of our state."


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Considering Kenderick's voting record - that would be a good thing for Floridians... since Congressman Meek always represents the interests of San Francisico instead of his state.


Did anyone talk to Mr. Greene's campaign or the debate hosts? I just don't think we can blindly trust whatever Mr. Meek says happened anymore, especially when it comes from the mouth of Mr. Dyk.

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