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Meek-Greene debate on as planned

The debate sponsored by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association featuring the two leading Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate is set for 2 p.m. Tuesday in Orlando. Expect Kendrick Meek to go after Jeff Greene over this devastating report about his California real estate deal gone very bad.

UPDATE: Responding this morning to yesterday's letter from Meek's campaign manager, the Greene campaign said it tried to accommodate Meek's request to move the debate so he wouldn't miss a vote in Congress. Meek got permission from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to miss the vote and was "twisting the facts."


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What happened to the imporant vote Meek claimed. Seems his request was meek and them A never mind.

True Blue

Meek sees an opening to put lipstick on the pig.

Sorry, Kendrick you're toast.

Aaron M

Devastating report? All that article showed was that Greene unknowingly sold some of his property to a guy who later turned out to be a criminal. If that's devastating, Meek's repeated shady business dealings and actual participation and financial benefit from corrupt deals must be fatal.

native Floridian

Where can we watch this on TV in South Florida?

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