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More secret cash for Bill McCollum

UPDATED: Bill McCollum's affiliated political committee, Florida First Initiative, just received an infusion of laundered political cash totaling a half-million bucks. The money came Thursday from League of American Voters, a 501(c)4 nonprofit that doesn't have to disclose its donors under IRS rules.

The same group ran ads for McCollum earlier this year. It could do the same now -- but under state law, the group would need to register and list contributors this close to the primary. So McCollum -- once a champion of sunshine disclosure -- where did the money come from? He said he doesn't know the group's contributors, but is flattered they'd help him out.

Opponent Rick Scott's campaign notes McCollum could be benefiting from cash from someone/group under investigation, but the attorney general didn't sound so concerned. And his camp said Scott's folks are trying to deflect attention from his scandals.

The group's money -- and another healthy $90,000 check from Senate President-designate Mike Haridopolos' committee -- helped fuel a massive, $720,000 advertising purchase Friday. Expect to see more Scott attack piece on TV soon.

Marc Caputo and John Frank


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Rick Scott has a limp wrist.

More secret cash for the career politician

Maybe now McCollum can afford to pay for more fat crazies to show up at Scott speeches, like he did yesterday with that fake Tea Party guy in West Palm Beach

True Blue

McCollum the puppet is desperate, desperate.

Scott the crook is winning, winning.

Bloggy Bayou

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