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Not so fast, Rick. Q Poll says McCollum on top. But barely

So much for the big lead in today's PPP poll. In Quinnipiac's survey, Republican Rick Scott trails Attorney General Bill McCollum by 4 percentage points (39-35) in the Republican governor's race. But, as with PPP, the Q Poll finds that Kendrick Meek leads Jeff Greene, albeit by 10 percentage points (39-29).

Even though McCollum is ahead in this Q poll, the momentum seems to have shifted back to Scott, who was down by 9 points in last week's survey (more here). That's a 5 percentage-point drop for McCollum.

PPP blog post is here.

“With one in five GOP voters and more than one in four Democrats undecided, anything is possible, but the internals of the poll are consistent with McCollum and Meek being ahead. They are more favorably viewed than their opponents and fewer of their backers say they might change their minds,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

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