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NRCC accuses Klein of ducking public -- while he visits troops

The National Republican Congressional Committee sent a press release today stating "One week of being home and Klein has already gone into hiding? As the Dems' 'Run for cover' summer unravels, Ron Klein refuses to hold town hall with constituents."

The NRCC accuses Klein of "avoiding the public at every possible turn."

So far in August, Klein hasn't had much of a chance to hold a town hall in South Florida.

Klein left Monday to visit U.S. troops overseas including service members from South Florida. His trip includes a stop in Israel and a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He plans to return to Washington, D.C. early next week for the jobs bill vote.

We've asked for a list of any town hall meetings open to the public from Klein's office. Among his events scheduled so far for next week: a Town Hall at Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce, an open forum with the Business Development Board in West Palm Beach, a town hall with the Downtown Development Authority  and a senior town hall at the Deer Creek retirement community in Deerfield Beach. For more information on these events, call Klein's district office at 561-544-6910.

Klein's office released a statement in response to the NRCC: "Moments ago, Congressman Klein departed Afghanistan, where he was visiting U.S. troops, including many from Florida. To suggest there is any better use of his time than meeting directly with our brave soldiers and General Petraeus is frankly outrageous and offensive. Perhaps the national Republicans would like to explain to our troops why they are criticizing Congressman Klein for spending time with them. Congressman Klein will be home in South Florida next week and for the remainder of August, when he will be holding dozens of open meetings in all corners of his district, as he has always done. Congressman Klein will hear directly from seniors, small business owners, veterans and families, and very much looks forward to doing so."

Klein is in a competitive race against Republican Allen West, one of NRCC's "Young Guns" candidates.


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HMM thats funny cause if you try and call or email the Allen West campaign about his position on any one of a myriad of issues that do not paint the candidate in a favorable light you get absolutely no response.
Allen West does not even live in District 22.
And has apparently opened his new campaign headquarters in the wrong district as well.
I guess living in Florida for only a few years, he still hasn't quite found his way around yet.
Keep pandering to the TEA PARTY, their Town hall screaming match antics and backwards economic logic WEST.


How many Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? They could have picked just about any week to run this press release and they pick the one Klein is visiting troops. It doesn't get dumber than that folks. Allen West is clearly incompetent or has a very incompetent staff, not a good sign for his candidacy.

True Blue

I say,I say the Congressman should not be doing his job. He should be here at home listening to us scream and shout our bigoted, vile, hateful, know-nothing racist rants.

Teabaggers United for West.

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