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Post-primary winners and losers

Loyal readers of my column -- mom and dad that means you -- know that every Florida election is followed by a roll call of winners and losers. Drumroll, please . . .

Column here.


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The real test of Rick Scott will be whether he means what he says or whether he's just another lying politician who will say anything to get elected. The clearest indicator will be if he starts taking money from US Sugar and their lobbyists. If he does, I guess Rick's for sale just like every other two-bit loser he complains about.

George Fuller

The day Scott walks in the door as gov. he will not have one special interest group going in with him to screw the public.....

George Fuller

The Chamber of Commerce backed McCullom becasue they oppose every piece of legislation that denies illegal aliens employment.

The same goes for the Associated Builders and Contractors......

Who ever they back you can be assured has reached a deal not to support e-verify so all new hires are legal workers.

For the past 15 years they knew the rep. leadership would block immigration legislation. Today they know if Scott wins they are screwed so will they stay out of the race or back Sink?

I will be shocked if the teachers union does not back Sink......

Bloggy Bayou

This is Economic Insanity So Charlie Crist Supports It



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