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Push back on McCollum's AZ-style immigration bill

Memo to wanna-be Republican Gov. Bill McCollum: Expect resistance to your proposed crackdown on illegal immigration in Florida.

That was the message during a phone call with a group of civil rights leaders, clergy and Hispanic and black lawmakers, who say there's no place in a non-border state like Florida for an Arizona-style law requiring local police to question suspected illegal immigrants.

State lawmakers on the call included Republicans Steve Bovo and Juan Zapata, and Democrats Gary Siplin and Tony Hill.

Siplin, chairman of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators, said the bill would have an "adverse economic impact on tourism" and infringe on civil rights.

Bovo said, "If this debate is a genuine debate with regards to security, I'm well-versed to engage in that debate. If this debate is another vile cover for bigotry and simply for political purposes, I must be honest and share that I'll be greatly disappointed."

Mike Pheneger, chairman of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, said the bill "panders to our fears and our worst instincts as a people" and that the ACLU would take "immediate legal action."


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George Fuller

Does anybody really feel good about having the ACLU as their ally?

Gary Siplin, Chair of the FL Conference of Black State Legislators says the AZ law could affect tourism.

Gary, if the tourists you are referring to are in the country illegally then I can't wait for the law to be enacted.

And Gary, being the Chair of the Black Legislators I have a question for you:

The statistics are overwhelming illegal immigration affects black employment the most. The unemployment numbers for young blacks are historically high. So Gary, why would you oppose a law that might actually remove people competing for the same jobs as many blacks?


The question needs to be asked of Anitere Flores. Does she support Bill McCollum's immigration plan?

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