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Red-state net-rootser deracinates Bill McCollum over lawsuit

This aint good for Bill McCollum, an influential conservative blogger headline that says "Bill McCollum Campaign Looks Desperate and Dead to Integrity." So says Erik Erikson (not the psychologist) in his piece that subtly calls out McCollum for what he sees as tort-reform hypocrisy.

Short of putting a dead girl or live boy in Rick Scott’s trunk, I don’t think McCollum could have gone lower. Down in Florida, the sitting Attorney General of the state tried to use the powers of his office to destroy a company once owned by his competitor,Rick Scott. Then he apparently found a plaintiff’s lawyer to sue Rick Scott weeks before the primary and coordinated with the lawyer to have the lawyer serve Rick Scott a subpoena at Scott’s own press conference to ensure it was caught on tape by the press.

The evidence of coordination and desperate opportunism is abundant.

I cannot believe Republican voters in Florida will support a guy so desperate that, as the sitting Attorney General, he would say to heck with integrity and encourage a political donor to drum up a frivolous lawsuit against Scott.

Heck, how exactly can McCollum now take a stand against frivolous lawsuits, when he just had one manufactured as a PR stunt?

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