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'Release the deposition' guy shouts out Rick Scott presser

Armed with a bullhorn and shouting "release the deposition," a Bill McCollum supporter interrupted a presser by Rick Scott just before he cast his ballot on Election Day at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Naples. The anonymous young man, dressed in a doctor outfit, would only say his name is "Doctor Dave." He has stalked Scott around the state to raise awareness about a deposition Scott gave in a case involving a chain of walk-in clinics, Solantic. The deposition, given six days before Scott ran for office, is sealed pursuant to a settlement agreement. Scott won't release it, saying it's a "private matter."

Problem is, that's fodder for McCollum's special-interest fueled Florida First Initiative political committee, which paid for the rental vehicle driven by Doctor Dave. It looks like he lost his partner, "Inmate 2010," who's dressed in black-and-white jail stripes.

Video coming later.....


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Dr. Dave equals malpractice

I'm a Dem and I hate Rick Scott, but what happened to decorum. It's a BS move on Scott's part not to release the docs, but there's no room for shouting down people. Ridiculous. n


I like it. Subtlety is overrated when your opposition has a 30 million dollar upper hand on you.


Here's what happened to decorum:

It's absolutely ASTOUNDING that supporters of Rick Scott--

a characature scumbag right out of some bizarre novel about corporate-government power, greed, and theft--

would accuse McCollum of taking the low road.

When your thieving rich boy, Richie Rick, started his campaign

--using money he got from his company stealing it from the taxpayers' and seniors' health care funds--

he went after McCollum as a career politician.

And Scottie, like a pissy little terrier, ain't let go of his mean, nasty, vicious, and ubiquitous attacks ever since.

And the jerk hasn't even, ever APOLOGIZED for his companies admitted misdeeds.

"Mistakes were made." "I accept responsbility." Please!

Those are the hollow, non-apologies of a crooked man, who was running an organized fraud ring out of his corporate office like some mobster, and is the type of man who gives businessmen and conservative policy ideas a bad name.

He should have given his $50 million to help people save their small businesses.


Some people think they're above manners, and can lie, cheat, and steal their way into power.


Jeez, Whasup, not a single fact in your entire rant. Just envious rage! You should be ashamed of yourself. I will enjoy watching your 30-year GOP insider, Bill McCollom, get hammered by Ms. Sink.

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