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RGA hits Sink with attack ad

UPDATED: A new political committee -- with ties to the Republican Governor's Association -- is poised to hit Democrat Alex Sink with a familiar attack ad.

The group, Florida's Future Fund, is airing virtually the same ad the RGA hit Sink with earlier this year. It suggests she eliminated jobs in her role at Bank of America at the same time she took huge bonuses. ("Not one of us. One of them.") The main change is the tagline, which calls Sink a "financial disaster."

Sink began airing her first TV spot in her bid for governor Sunday, uncontested as Republicans Bill McCollum and Rick Scott duke it out. The RGA will help fill the gap.

No more information is known about Florida's Future Fund -- the group's disclosure is nowhere on the state election site because it is still being processed.


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Rupert Mudock, Father of FOX NEWS just donated $1 million dollars to RGA.
That should say it all.
Tell this Aussie and the RGA and their ethically corrupt politicians to Shove it.
Sink is clearly the best candidate.

Maggie M'gill

This, from the party of Rick Scott? Please!


What a riot!! Republicans criticizing a Democrat for eliminating jobs. Another prime example of how they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

Gene James

This is such crap i want to puke. I used to work for Alex Sink at NationsBank and she was an honest, hardworking and decent woman. Blame federal regulations for the loss of these Florida jobs. She did not make the decision to sell Barnett nor to have NationsBank buy it. This is the lowest form of garbage I have seen yet. Shame on you RGA. All you are doing is brainwashing the uninformed.


here is a ling to this Florida's Future Fund

Paul M. Sisolak J.R.

Has anyone else figured out why a billionair would want to run for Governor? One of his planks is to eleminate the corporate income tax. What is he? A corporation owner. The only reason he's gotten this far is Florida is a closed primary state. When we independants have our say,he's OUT. It's a shame this state is so afraid of us that they lock us out of the primaries.Maybe one day Florida may join the 21rst century instead of thinking we want to throw our vote away just to manipulate an election. Every election proves our vote is the one the candidates fight for.Alex has mine. I won't vote for a thief.Scott,give me my tax dollars back.


Sadly, the big lie is working. She is a decent person and will get my vote. Rick Scott's company stole 1.4 billion by overcharging Medicare. But that is so easily forgotten.

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