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Rich Men Behaving Badly: The Sequel

Images Last week I told you how Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, and Naples multi-millionaire Rick Scott, Republican for governor, were bumbling their way through the minefield that is ethnic politics in Florida.

Today is about them fumbling another ritual of the state's highly hazardous campaign trail: going toe-to-toe with an aggressive press corps.

As we reporters like to say to irritable, wealthy candidates: "If you can't take the heat, get out of Florida in August. And for the love of God, take us with you --  to Martha's Vineyard or the Hamptons or any more pleasant clime.''

Full column here.


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Cynical Idealist

An aggressive press corps?

The "aggressive" press corpse is nothing more than a bunch of lemmings who would kill one of their own to scoop their competitors, rather than do the in-depth research necessary to actually understand an issue and get it right.

More than once, the people I've worked for during my career have been savaged on tv and in print by "reporters" who never interviewed me, or anyone from my organization, before putting the story to bed.

More often than not, the reporter already has specific peg they want to hang their story on
(usually something sensational that they knew would sell) and never bothered to research the other side of the issue.

Aggressive? Occasionally.
Factual? Usually.
Fair and balanced? Rarely.

Bloggy Bayou

State of the Florida Governor’s Race: Bettie Davis Rules



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