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Rick Scott and Cuban weddings

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott was on WPLG-ABC 10's This Week in South Florida Sunday, and host Michael Putney asked him about his comment in a Univisión debate last week that he had embraced the Hispanic community by learning how to drink cortaditos and eat dinner late.

"Do you really know the Cuban community?" Putney asked.

"I think so," Scott said, adding that he did business here in the 1980s. "I've been to plenty of Cuban weddings. They all start late. The first one I went to I think I was 45 minutes early."


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Limp Wrist

Scott has a limp wrist


What a completely condescending statement about the Cuban community. He is stuck in the '80's. Like everything he has said in the campaign, it is based on a complete lack of actual knowledge and thoughtfulness. The guy is a complete fake.


A crook as well as an idiot! Scott is perfect for publc office.

I don't know what's all the fuss about?

Bloggy Bayou

As The Florida GOP Goes In 2010, So Goes The National GOP In 2012




We Cuban political réfugées embrace His Excellency Governor Rick Scott as our ally and leader in our struggle against the Judeo-Bolshevik Conspiracy. The Leftist pig called Putney is an agent of Proleatrian Internationalism. This insinuation about "knowing" the Cuban political réfugée community is hypocritical of the aforementioned Leftist pig. Does Putney the Leftist pig know Cuban political réfugée community? Does he know how many of us were murdered in cold blood at Castro's La Cabana Extermination Center in Havana? Does he know how many other human beings around the world were murdered by Castro? Does he know about the U.S. soldiers murdered and tortured by Cuban agents in North Vietnam? Does he know that the only issue we vote on is the eternal demise of Leftist swine like Putney? I bet not....

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