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Rick Scott coming for revenge?

It looks like Rick Scott is getting a little sick of Bill McCollum and he's coming unexpectedly to Tallahassee to face the press -- something McCollum says he has refused to do. The quickly called presser is a sign that Scott's sick of McCollum for attacking him over Solantic and, specifically, a lawsuit filed yesterday by McCollum contributor and trial lawyer Steve Andrews, which seeks a court order to obtain a deposition in the suit.

More here on that.


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George Fuller

Amazing McCullom would go to such depths to seek a depo from a private company matter totally unrelated to the campaign.


What is Rick Scott afraid of? Why wouldn't he just release his deposition videotape and put this to rest? His company paid over a billion dollars in fines and he received hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of his acceptance of public funds. This is a private matter? Allegations of medicare fraud amount to a "private matter?" Really? And he wants to be our next governor,and we will expect him to provide transparency in government? This is the sunshine state Rick, sunshine is the greatest disinfectant, just let the videotape see the sunshine. What do you have against sunshine anyway?


I guess Rick Scott doesn't like sunshine. A great man once said that "the truth will set you free." Set the truth free Rick. Please set the truth free. Why do you hate the truth Rick? What did the truth ever do to you?

George Fuller

Rick is right in refusing to open up a sealed document that has absolutely nothing to do with the campaign.......

A more appropriate question would be to McCullom to discuss his use of party and state funds.....


The confidentiality agreement precludes publicly releasing anything directly related to the case, including depositions. Funny how Dr Glencross waited 4 years, until RIGHT BEFORE Scott announced his bid for governor, to file suit. Then Glencross "settled" within a month and the issue was "cleared up". Now Andrews is filing a suit at the last minute of the race about that same issue, which FL's Agency for Health Care Administration has already said does not warrant investigation.
Sounds like collusion to character assassinate the opposition.


Rick Scott was never personally accused of wrongdoing. He wanted to fight the accusations against his company, but his Board disagreed, voluntarily paid a fine to the DOJ, and fired Rick and paid off his contract. Four middle managers at the firm were accused of and tried for crimes - two were acquitted, the other two were found guilty but acquitted on appeal. This is a dead issue, and no matter how much his opponent and the Florida press try to breathe life into it, the voters have already decided it is not important. They can see that tt is McCollum and his camp who are corrupt in this race - corrupted by 20+ years of cronyism and old-boy politics in Tallahassee! It's time for a change, time to put a genuine conservative in the Governor's mansion and sweep out the garbage Charlie Crist left behind.

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