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Rick Scott has Bill McCollum for breakfast in tax ad

Republican Rick Scott is bashing Bill McCollum over voting to raise taxes 42 times. We'll have to politifact it to see if it's true. But true or not, Scott's ad, featuring gratuitous shots of cracked eggs, employs among the most devastating tools in the campaign war chest: mockery of your opponent's inconsistency over taxes.


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True Blue

I vote the eggsplash the best ad of this election cycle.

The puppet or the crook - choices for the G. NO P.


42 times over 20 years? Hmm.

I reckon Scott ain't real good at measuring things, like he says he wants to do ...

unless of course, it comes to measuring how much he personally got paid by defrauding taxpayers of hundreds of millions.

I reckon Scott ought to apologize, repent, and ask forgiveness from the taxpayers and Republican voters for the sins of greed and pride and, probably, lying also.

Then he ought to demonstrate his true repentance by paying back the U.S. Treasury those tens of millions in stolen money.

Bloggy Bayou

First post: On todays Coordinated Hit piece between the St Pete Times and McCollum on Scott:



Bloggy Bayou

The Florida GOP Governor Debate of 05 August 2010: A Lesson in Journalistic and Political Malfeasance



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