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Rick Scott rocks the North. Bill McCollum hopes fading, resting on Miami, Orange

Bill McCollum's supporters are sounding despondent. Rick Scott's are starting to exult.

Scott has big leads in his home of Southwest Florida, and in Duval County, home to Republican Party of Florida Chairman John Thrasher who, Scott said, has a "bias" against him and was secretly helping McCollum win the goverrnor's office. Scott is rocking the Panhandle

Scott is ahead 3.7 percentage points right now, 43,000 votes statewide.

McCollum's big hope: Miami-Dade County, where the attorney general is ahead by 20,000. He's ahead by about 10,000 in Orange County -- his home county.

They're basically tied in Tampa Bay.

All the precincts aren't in. But at this rate, McCollum's hopes are fading. And incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon and incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos might have to explain why they spent millions on a campaign that trashed Scott's reputation.


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Throw the bums out

Throw the Party hacks out , i.e. Thrasher, Cannon and Haridopolos.


Looks like mud pies for certain individuals.

George Fuller

Be careful.....Haridopolos might actually like it if Scott says drop trou so i can spank you for opposing me......

George Fuller

The illegal aliens in the state, although they can't read this because it is in english, should understand stand it is time to vamoose from Fl...

Go suck on another state's teat for awhile....

You cost us $20 billion in 10 years and that is enough.....

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