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Rick Scott's funk-attack on $pecial interests behind Bill McCollum

Attorney General Bill McCollum isn't for sale. But he can be rented, according to Rick Scott's latest ad in the Republican governor's race. The only major problem with this ad is that it contains a funk song (the O'Jays "For the Love of Money." But McCollum ain't funky. Maybe Lawrence Welk would be more fitting. Otherwise, our vote is for CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me, by Wu Tang Clan, but that might turn off GOP electorate).

It's unclear if the ad is web only or will run on air.

Also, technically, the ad accuses McCollum of taking money from certain special interests like the Florida Retail Federation, when actually FRF funded his buddies' political committees, which then funded McCollum. Enjoy, knowing that Rick Scott will have another ad airing every 25 minutes. So far, he's up to about $37m in ad buys since mid April.

More here on the money behind McCollum.

Here's an industry breakdown of the $4.1m and counting going to McCollum:

Industry Amount

Dean Cannon $975,000

Mike Haridopolos $598,100

Business $598,000

Washington Lobby $552,000

Real Estate & Building $375000

Health $236,000

Auto & Transportation $156,000

Energy $100,000

Agriculture $85,000

Misc $85000

Telecom $55,000

Banking & Finance $55,000

Committee $50,000

Alcohol & Cigarettes $42000

Legal $40,000

Insurance $27,500

Hotel $25,000

Energy $20,000

Marine $10,000

Retired $10,000

Congressman $7,000

Sports & Entertainment $6,500

Waste management $5,000

Lobbying & Consulting $5,000

Management $5,000

Manufacturing $5,000

Media $300


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Limp Wrist

Who Is Rick Scott? http://bit.ly/whoareyourickscott

marc cooper

Mccollum is horrible, he may beat Scott but at least Scott has exposed what a dirty politician Mccollum was and is...Sink would be smart to stay away from the dirt and stick to the ideas that florida needs

way overit

oh my head..really..is that the best he's got?

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