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Rick Scott's new ad target in gov race: Obama, Ground Zero mosque

So much for talking just about jobs, or savaging each other. Rick Scott and Bill McCollum both oppose the erecting of a mosque near Ground Zero. But Scott has more money. So Scott now has an ad about it. It might be Republican primary gold. But is it enough?


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Saint Petersblog

Charlie Crist shows remarkable courage on Ground Zero mosque issue, while Rick Scott demagogues



Courage? In supporting a project that offends the people who bore the brunt of 9/11? You call that courage? Life is very different on Planet Crist.

You Sir are a Traitor!

I got robo-called with Scott's latest piece of crap. I'm a Republican, but if he thinks this right wing Nazi garbage is going to appeal to me, he's crazy. This mosque is a clear cut case of letting your emotions get the better of you. Are we going to toss the First Amendment in the ashcan over THIS? The Pilgrims came to this country for religious freedom - how easily we forget.


That's untrue - Faisal Rauf DOESN'T deny that AQ used terrorist tactics.

I don't know where this guy gets off making such a clearly false claim...


Obama doesn't have the first idea about what religious freedom means. Take Islam for example. The entire religion, and culture that surrounds it is oppressive and bigoted - to women, to anyone of another religious belief, to anyone who doesn't follow its tenets. And this a**wipe "president" of ours insists on defending an imam who has excoriated America and American people - similar to the Irreverend Wright.

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