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Rick Scott's 'private matter' now a very public ad

Another moment in the Republican governor's race, another ad. This one's from Bill McCollum's election committee, Florida First. It's pretty devastating, ending with footage of Scott running away from news cameras and a Tea Party guy shouting about a deposition. Then there's the click of handcuffs that form the 'C' and 'O' in Scott's name. The story at the center of the ad was first reported here.

That led to this lawsuit reported here.

And that led to this exchange captured here:


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Limp Wrist

Who Is Rick Scott? http://bit.ly/whoareyourickscott

Lewis Litzinger

I have been following the R. Scott debacle for several years. For more information about the billions of dollars Columbia/HCA stole from Medicare, under his leadership, see:
"Free Lunch",David Cay Johnston, Portfolio (The Penguin Group), 2007 (ppg 229-31).

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