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Rick Scott's sexy, superficial ad buy

Lady Gaga crotch shots. Audrina Partridge's ample breasts. Mischa Barton getting high in a bikini top.

And, of course, the Republican race for governor.

Regardless of who wins the Aug. 24, we'd like to thank the Rick Scott campaign for advertising on The Superficial.... Because you're ugly and we'd like to thank a Bill McCollum supporter for drawing our attention to the not-so-family-values website, which immediately prompts the Miami Herald's don't-look-at-smut/crap internet-use policy warning to pop up. 

It's unlikely Scott's ad buyer sought out the Superficial. Many websites rely on cookies for ads that tie in with your location, your past preferences, etc. So the ads - which could have been done through Google en masse - are tailored based on what you normally look at. Which raises another issue: Who the hell in McCollumWorld is a Superficial fiend?

Regardless, it ain't porn (or is it? more here), but it sure is "So Freaking Hot" (in its own words below Scott's ad). And it's a sign that Scott is leaving no ad-niche untouched. We've noticed that some web-only pubs where Scott advertises write favorably about him, but maybe we're just being superficial.



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True Blue

Much better that looking at the puppets face or the crooks bald head.


Typical Rick Scott smut. He's the worst thing that could happen to Florida history...

Bloggy Bayou

State of the Florida Governor’s Race: Bettie Davis Rules




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Gov. Rick Scott is a handsome man and fits into places where people go to see those looks.

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