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RPOF censors Sen. Dockery's attaboy for Rick Scott

Republican Sen. Paula Dockery who initially ran for governor only to see the Republican establishment back Bill McCollum, gushed in a press release last night about Rick Scott's win and the lessons for the Republican Party of Florida:

"For too long, true Republican principles have been put by the wayside in favor of the special interest agendas that fund the party elite. I wholeheartedly look forward to what tonight's election results mean: a revitalized party that is beholden only to the conservative electorate who demonstrated their trust and confidence with the power of their vote."

RPOF didn't want to touch it. Spokeswoman Katie Betta wrote:

Senator Dockery,  

I apologize, but we are not able to send this out as it violates the portion of our e-mail policy that relates to negative comments regarding the RPOF and/or other Republicans.

If there is any way you can revise this release, I’d be happy to run it through our political department again.

It's the same RPOF that trashed Rick Scott's "false rhetoric." It then censored Scott's attempted rebuttal on the grounds that he was making inappropriate comments. More here on that.


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Many McCollum supporters will choose Sink or Chiles over supporting slimeball Rick Scott. Even if it is 2 or 3%, that may be enough to ruin Scott's chances. Pay-back is a ...

robert  hay

The RPOF is why Fl. is stuck with no drill bill nelson.


No real Republican is going to vote for Alex Sink or Bud Chiles. And Bud Chiles, the liberal son of the last Democratic to hold the office, will only eat into Sink's numbers.

Bloggy Bayou

Rick Scott and the RPOF: An Awkward Family Reunion Begins...
But It Is Better Than The Alternative



Bloggy Bayou

For the Record: As of 10:38 CDT 25 Aug 2010,
Bill McCollum Has Yet to Change his Website




Rick Scott can not become Governor. Scott is a criminal. Scott has no knowledge of state government. Florida is to big and has to many problems for on the job training. Scott would expedite the decline of the GOP in Florida. The Neo-Conservatives and Republican Party hacks may support Scott but the true conservatives in the party will not. Better to have a democrat in office for four years than a criminal that will hurt the state and collaspe the GOP. God save our state.

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