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Rubio, LeMieux comment on Obama visit

With President Barack Obama visiting Miami Beach Wednesday for a fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Alex Sink, Republican Sen. George LeMieux and GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio held a conference call with reporters Tuesday to highlight their differences with the president and Democrats in general.

"This administration has taken us further from the free-enterprise system than any [other]," Rubio said. In Florida, Obama will hear a lot of concern about the debt -- which Rubio referred to as a "Greece-like day of reckoning" -- and about jobs and why the federal stimulus hasn't created more of them.

"Every major national issue can be found here," Rubio said of Florida. "This is a state that has suffered greatly...It's a state that will benefit greatly from the right kind of leadership.

"We hope that when the president comes down here tomorrow, he'll take time to listen."

LeMieux, for his part, added: "The stimulus hasn't worked. It's done a little -- it's saved some teacher jobs...We're on an unsustainable path. We can't create jobs with government."


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Obama doesn't have the first idea about what religious freedom means. Take Islam for example. The entire religion, and culture that surrounds it is oppressive and bigoted - to women, to anyone of another religious belief, to anyone who doesn't follow its tenets. And this a**wipe "president" of ours insists on defending an imam who has excoriated America and American people - similar to the Irreverend Wright.

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