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Rubio ready for -- wait for it -- 7 debates

Todd Harris, a top advisor to Marco Rubio, said yesterday that the campaign would push for an "aggressive debate schedule." He wasn't kidding. The campaign says today that Rubio has accepted seven invitations -- from NBC's Meet the Press, WLTV-Univision 23 in Miami, WTVT-FOX 13 in Tampa, ABC News, Leadership Florida in Fort Lauderdale, CNN in Tampa and NBC News in Orlando.

 So far, Crist has accepted the CNN debate. Meek spokesman Adam Sharon said the campaign is likely to accept a bunch of invitations and is reviewing the schedule.

UPDATE: Meek campaign says five of those seven invitations work and it wants to reschedule the other two.


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Rubio=Palin=Dick Morris

Rubio the perfect cure for insomania.

Steve Bradley

In each debate Marco Rubio should be asked to explain why his salary at FIU was thirteen times what the normal salary for an adjunct would have been. That's twelve people that FIU could not hire because Marco was teaching a class in his spare time. That's job creation?
Also, please ask him to explain why his net worth more than quintupled in the eight years he was "serving" the people of Miami-Dade County n the legislature. Finally, please ask him to explain how valuable to his net worth he thinks a US Senate seat will be.

Marco Rubio is getting richer one election at a time.

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