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Scott loans a whopping $12m to his campaign, McCollum raises a mere $163k

Down to the wire and down in the polls in the primary horse race, Republican Rick Scott emptied his wallet again and dished a sweet $12 million to his campaign in the final week before the election.

Meanwhile, his challenger Attorney General Bill McCollum, raised only $163,000 in the period from Aug. 7 to Aug. 19, down from the $501,000 haul he made a week earlier.

Scott's final primary total: $39.4 million, $38.9 million of it was personal loans. McCollum, however, benefitted from a hefty $783,000 of in-kind contributions, most of it from the party. His final primary total: $7.7 million.


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George Fuller

What is much more intteresting of a story than a rich guy spending his own money is when the incoming Speaker of the House, Dean Cannon, puts up almost a $1 million for McCullom, Incoming Senate President Haridopolos puts up approx. $600K and the Chamber of Commerce, a group that never before endorsed a candidate for governor in 97 years, puts up over $600K

Quickly adding up the conributions it appears to be around $2 Million.

You have to ask why the Speaker of The House designate and the Senate President designates would make such unprecedented contributions? My guess is they want to preserve the good ole boy establishment control that has run FL for the past 15 years.

The Chamber of Commerce is easy to figure out. A good number of their members employ illegal aliens and they want to make sure it continues. They are supporting McCullom the poltician instead of Scott the businessman because Scott has said he will support mandatory e-verify which will ensure legal workers are the new hires and deny jobs to illegal aliens.

Perhaps some of Cannon's and Haradopolos's contributors also employ illegal aliens.....hmmmmm?

Bloggy Bayou

Drunk Opossums and Florida Politics



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