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Scott: Special interests invest in Bill McCollum for 'an uneblievable return'

As Attorney General Bill McCollum attacks rival Rick Scott's business record, the political newcomer is firing back, noting the longtime pol has taken at least $4.7 million from special interests in the Capitol.

"What people are seeing is that our state is being run for the benefit of special interests. You can see it with the dollars. You wouldn’t invest those dollars as a company unless you thought you were going to get an unbelievable return," Scott said.

Q: What's an example?

"We know there’s the U.S. Sugar deal. They’ve invested at least $1m in Bill McCollum. They believe Bill McCollum is going to help them get their deal done. That deal is not good for taxpayers. It’s not good for citizens. And you can look at example after example that this state is not run for the benefit of the taxpayer. It’s run for the benefit of special interests. And you can see it just looking at the list. You can also see it in the fact that he won’t disclose the money he’s running through his c4 [that is, a 501c4 political committee called the League of American Voters]."

Q: But McCollum said he has no control over what the league does with the disclosure of his donors.

Scott: "Do you believe that? I don’t. I don’t believe that for one minute."

Q: McCollum has raised questions about a deposition you gave in a 2000 case against Columbia/HCA in which you pled the 5th.

Scott: "This is just Bill McCollum’s dirty trick at the end of a campaign to try to swing some votes. It’s a case that came about after I left the company. I knew nothing about the case. It had nothing to do with the investigation of Columbia. I listened to the advice of counsel and he’s now trying to use it to swing some votes....

"It’s exactly the problem we have in Tallahassee. We have these career politicians who use dirty tricks to try to swing votes and win an election..."

"I’ll never be controlled by a special interest."

Here's a summary of the money given to McCollum's election committees, Florida First and Sunshine State Freedom Fund. Note: The Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos money also derives from heavy hitters in the capitol:



Dean Cannon


Real Estate & Building




Mike Haridopolos


Washington Political Group




Auto & Transportation


Banking & Finance





 $  85,000.00


 $  75,000.00


 $  55,000.00


 $  50,000.00

Alcohol & Cigarettes

 $  42,000.00


 $  41,000.00


 $  27,500.00


 $  25,000.00


 $  15,000.00


 $  10,000.00


 $  10,000.00

Lobbying & Consulting

 $    7,500.00

Sports & Entertainment

 $    6,500.00

Waste management

 $    5,000.00


 $    5,000.00


 $    2,300.00


 $    1,000.00


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Lost soul

McCollum bought and paid for by the Party hacks.

George Fuller

Scott is right. Dean and Haradopolos are perfect examples of insiders buying and paying for McCullom.

For the two future leaders of the Legislature in the next session to pump $1.5 Million into McCullom's campaign is going to come at a high price.

When in FL political history has the incoming Speaker and Senate President given the Gov. candidate $1.5 Million?.......NEVER

The good ole boys establishment has controlled Tally for 15 years and will do anything to maintain control.

They have blocked any immigration legislation over the past decade while Floridians have had to pay $20 BILLION to educate, medicate and incarcerate them.

Illegal immigration is the reason the Chamber of Commerce coughed up $600K. They know if Scott is elected he will support mandatory e-verify making all new hires legal workers and denying jobs to the illegal aliens employed by their members.

Bloggy Bayou

Drunk Opossums and Florida Politics



True Blue

The G. NO P. insider crooks in Tally. are shaking in their boots that the outsider crook - Scott - will win.


None of this money comes close to the stolen taxpayers' health care money that Richie Rick is spending to try to buy the governorship.

I guess Scott is too arrogant to realize this.

After all, he hasn't even bothered to APOLOGIZE to taxpayers for letting his company defraud the government.

How more haughty can this naughty rich boy get?

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