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Sen. Dockery's almost-endorsement of Rick Scott

Sen. Paula Dockery, who briefly ran for the Republican gov. nomination, sounds awfully close to endorsing Rick Scott, the newcomer opponent of Attorney General Bill McCollum in the GOP primary. Sounds like Dockery could be rising on the short list as a Scott running mate, judging by some excerpts in this lengthy Facebook post on Scott:

He does not possess an ego-driven "it's my turn" or "I'm entitled to win" attitude. He knows it takes hard work to campaign and hard work to govern well. He's obviously a hard worker and a very driven individual. It's my belief he has run a picture perfect campaign in his first attempt at running for office, which shows a tremendous amount of planning, preparation and assembling a talented team.

While some may view his self-financing as a negative, I have a much different view after watching the legislative process at work. Because he is self-financed, he is beholden to no one and can govern in a manner that puts the best interests of the people of Florida at the forefront.

While I'd like to change his views on a few issues, and will try, for the most part I am very comfortable with him and think he is in tune with the voters and their desire to rein in our out-of-control and out-of-touch government.

** Next post: The difference between self-funded independent campaigns and special interest funded insider campaigns." or "How the process is corrupted by special interest funded insider campaigns"


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