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South Floridians to join Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin at DC tea party rally

About 25 Floridians -- and Marcos Sendon -- who runs the South Florida Conservative, will be among the thousands expected in DC this weekend for a rally headlined by Fox News's Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

More would have made the trip, Sendon said, but hotels in the DC area are jammed.

"It's a multi-faceted kind of thing, all kinds of things are bringing people together," Sendon said. "Every day you see more and more in the news that keeps feeding this."

The event is already controversial before it begins: Beck will speak on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech -- from the spot where King delivered his remarks. Civil rights leaders are planning counter protests.

But Sendon sees it differently: "He's proclaiming and celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, it's a great thing," Sendon said of Beck, who has accused President Barack Obama of being racist. "It should not be taken as offensive, it's something to be glad about and rejoice."