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The Hispanic backlash against Bill McCollum

Bill McCollum needs to engage in some (border?) fence-mending wih Hispanic supporters over his decision to propose an Arizona-style immigration law. So tonight he's holding a conference call with some of them to explain his position.

One supporter, McCollum acknowledged, "was ticked off because she was not consulted. And she should have been. I don’t know if she’s had a chance to sit down and look at the actual legislation. I have to sit down and talk with her about it and I will...There are people who are my supporters in the Hispanic community I need to consult with. I think we do need to talk over some of these provisions."

Here's part of the email

Subject: Conference Call with Hispanic Leadership

Dear Friend,

As key leaders in Florida’s Hispanic Community, you serve as the backbone of our campaign. I know many of you have questions regarding legislation I’m proposing to crackdown on illegal immigration in our state. I would like an opportunity to talk more about this issue as it relates to our state and our campaign.

If you are available, please join a conference call with me this evening to discuss this important issue.

McCollum for Governor Conference Call with Hispanic Call

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10:00 PM Eastern


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Real fence mending here Arizona style.


McCollum had it right the first time when he said we don't need this law in Florida. I am anti-illegal, but we don't have a drug war on our border. We don't have people sneaking across the border to have a baby.

We have people who will risk their lives and the lives of their families to float a hundred miles or more to get to our shore. We're not being overrun like they are in Arizona, and this law is not necessary. McCollum looks foolish on this one.

George Fuller

The previous poster is confusing cubans and ordinary hispanics who don't have the Cuban Adjustment Act to get them special treatment.

No we don't have any problems here since the illegal aliens only cost Floridians over
$20,000,000,000.oo, that is right, $20 Billion over the last decade to educate, medicate and incarcerate them.

You know what Flrodians are doing?

Floridians are doing a job the Mexican government won't!

Charles M.Hill

I don't know what part of Florida the lady lives in that says;
"we don't have people sneaking over the border to have a baby in Florida. We don't need this kind of law"
Here in the panhandle our hospitals are going broke. Not all of it is from illegal ailiens but they do add to it sustancially. We already have homeless American citizens standing on street corners holding signs. The multitudes of illegals added to that creates a real problem. Where you have vagrancy, crime grows.

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