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The race according to Crist: Me v. political parties

In an anti-incumbent election year, who better to run against than the political party system itself?

That's the Senate race as Gov. Charlie Crist hopes to frame it, obviously overlooking his status as the ultimate political insider who left the Republican party to, ahem, salvage his own career.

"The Democratic and Republican parties will soon throw everything they have at us,'' says an e-mail from the campaign with more money than anybody else. "In more than one way, they see us as a major threat.  We need the resources to fight back. We need to air TV ads, open up campaign offices, and print fliers. We need to respond on the fly, and we need to prove that our independent campaign has what it takes to beat both national parties...With YOUR help and YOUR contributions, we will show Washington that here in Florida, the two-party system is not the law of the land. That here in Florida, people can make up their own minds, and can elect a senator who speaks for THEM."

By the way, Crist still has his sister, Margaret Wood, working as campaign manager. She stepped in when most of Crist's Republican staff fled. Her presence gives the campaign a brushing of maverick-ness while Crist a coterie of professional consultants with ties to the Democratic party: pollster Keith Frederick, media advisor Josh Isay, political strategist Eric Johnson, and communications director Danny Kanner.


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Moderate Democrat

Give em hell Charlie!

C. C. Reed

Knowledge is our Power and Unity is our Strength. No Party Affiliation, (N.P.A.), will become recognized, honored, and respected as "No Politics Allowed". We, TAXPAYERS, are the difference. Voting - or - not voting is not only a matter of employment, education, and business opportunities, but of life and death. In 2010, we, the PEOPLE, will not allow our votes to be taken for granted by either the Democrats or the Republicans. Hello!!! It's Now Our Way for a CHANGE!!! Reputation is all we have. We, the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE, and by the PEOPLE, will make a big difference for ourselves for a CHANGE. Our time has finally arrived. It is time to put the right PEOPLE in the right places. Reality speaks for itself. Time will always time. Thank GOD!!! Amen.

C. C. Reed

Time will always tell. Thank GOD!!! Amen.

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