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The Rick Scott Solantic boomerang

Just six days before Rick Scott announced his bid for governor, he was deposed in a case that alleged his healthcare company Solantic had broken Florida law by filing false medical licensing information with the state.

But what Scott said April 7 might never be known to the public.

Within a month, Solantic settled the 2-year-old case and signed a confidentiality agreement with Dr. P. Mark Glencross, who claimed his medical license was misused by the Jacksonville-based chain of walk-in clinics. The state has no current or former investigations into Solantic over the licensing issue.

At the same time the case was quietly settled, the Republican front runner was drawing attention to Solantic on the campaign trail by boasting of his business background and the company's patient-centered, low-cost healthcare model, which provides ``Starbucks style'' transparent pricing at almost 30 clinics around the state.

The Glencross lawsuit -- along with nine other court actions filed against the company since 2001 in Duval County -- tells a different story. Taken together, they portray the company, and sometimes Scott by extension, as a ruthless employer who discriminated or cut corners in pursuit of profit.

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Rick Scott has a limp wrist.

Mason Paulson

I am appalled by all the vicious attacks on our future Governor Rick Scott. People keep dumping on him. He goes to church so he must be a good man. No. He is a crummy crook just like we have been telling you all for so long that the wax should be melting in your ears my now. Do not believe the vicious lies of Rick Scott who has topped the record for organized crime via Medicare Fraud in the Health-care Industry. Are we proud that he lives here? No. He is a "Carpet Bagger" just like those Yankees that flooded the South from the North after the Civil War. Rick Scott is as disgusting, and immoral as they were. Scott is also a liar, thief, and a mental midget - those are his good qualities. So if you want fraud to ruin Florida make sure you vote for the "Do Nothing, "Know Nothing" Republican called Rick Scott.

GOP voter

A few years from now, when Rick Scott is indicted for pulling some scam as Governor, Florida voters won't be able to say they didn't know. This guy is a crook, plain and simple. But hey, his commercials are great and he says all the right things, so let's all vote for him!

Bloggy Bayou

First post: On todays Coordinated Hit piece between the St Pete Times and McCollum on Scott:



Bloggy Bayou

The Florida GOP Governor Debate of 05 August 2010: A Lesson in Journalistic and Political Malfeasance



Bloggy Bayou

FLASH: GOP Governor Candidate Bill McCollum Most Proud of His Pedophile Record




I support Rick Scott, he is a buisnessman not a wish washy which ever way the lobbyist wind blows politician like McCullum is.

I would rather have a crooked buisnessman than a crooked politician. At least Scott can take a failed buisness and turn it into a profitable 4star operation.

At least the buisnessman will spreak it to the public sector where he will profit, politicians only spread it to the political sector and no one from the public usually benifits, well Unions do usually.

College students for Rick Scott protesting Bill McCullum


Local 646 for Rick Scott



GREAT!........But which side is he on in the battle? Perhaps i can clarify it for you.

A few names have been mentioned as possible running mates for McCullom so that should help in determining which side of the fence (no pun intended) he is on regarding illegal immigration.

Possible running partners mentioned are Julio Robaina, Juan Planas, Antiere Flores and J. Alex Villalobos.

All of the above named have something in common and do you know what it is?

No, that would be racial profiling.

The common link is actually the 2009 legislative session.

Representative Schenck introduced HB 567 that would prohibit sanctuary cities in Florida. It is amazing someone who takes an oath of office to protect and defend the citizens could and would support sanctuary cities.

Led by Rep. Zapata and Rep. Rivera, Robaina, Planas and Flores along with 6 other reps. attacked HB 567 with amendments not once, not twice but three times to kill it. The bill died in committee and these supporters of sanctuary cities won. By killing bills in committee opponents avoid a vote on the floor exposing their position.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Atwater assigned SB 1532 sponsored by Senator Storms, a companion bill to HB 567, to a committee chaired by a democrat Senator Aronberg. Storms tried to no avail to get the bill heard in committee and Aronberg refused. Finally in frustration requested the bill be moved to another committee and Aronberg finally agreed. The catch is Storms had to get Villalobos, Chair of the Rules Committee, to call it up to get it moved. I'm sure by know you know Villalobos let the bill die in his committee.

Robaina, Planas, Flores and Villalobos are all mentioned as possible Lt. Governor running mates.

Now, do you have a better idea which side of the fence McCullom is on regarding supporting or opposing illegal immigration?


Rick Scott is an Out and Out crook. No matter what party you are from, you have got to see that. We have had enough crooks in florida. We are cleaning house, why stop at the kitchen. While you will never have a perfect politician, I just can not believe that people will still act like Rick Scott is not a crook. Come on Florida lets move forward, not backwards. Backwards is what we will be with a crook like Rick Scott. Please Please don't vote Scott. He admits himself that he committed Medicare fraud and for billions of dollars. Then he spent more money in 4 months of campaining than has ever been spent in any campain in florida. What does that say, that he is trying to buy the Govenorship.

Kevin Hidden

Hmm, if you actually know these "facts" why isn't he in jail? It seems such all knowing all caring folks should be able to organize a legal action, maybe have a grand jury called. Oh this is not actual fact you say, it is educated conjecture? That is what I thought, no leftward spin on these ill informed comments!

Electronic Medical Records

Many are for him and many are against him, all I can say is we need to get to the bottom of the truth instead of making up different sceneries and listening to rumors. the truth will come out but until then I think we all need to calm down


Lot's of "crooks" manage to stay out of jail, even after numerous trails that fail to convict them even though they were guilty as sin each time. Some great examples from history include the likes of John Gotti ("The Teflon Don"), Al Capone, and even O.J. Simpson. I'm sure Rick Scott is just like them, it'll only take time before it catches up with him and he's were he really belongs as well, behind bars in the prison system. Hopefully he won't ever be elected to any office or get a chance to gut our prison system in the name of cutting government spending!!! That is one area he plans to make cuts if elected governor even though Florida happens to have one of the highest crimes rates in the U.S.A.


Because Rick Scott took the 5th seventy five times he must be guilty of something or have a really dumb lawyer!


What do we know about Rick Scott? This is the whole story.

He ran a successful donut shop (at least his mother said that he was successful).

He built a gigantic health organization, Columbia / HCA, which became notorious for bad healthcare, dirty hospitals and stressed employees. The company was fined $1,700,000,000 for defrauding Medicare. The board forced him out of his job as CEO, and paid him $300,000,000 to leave.

He founded Solantic, a storefront clinic catering to folks with little or no insurance. The government went after him for lying about licensing and other matters. Ricky took the 5th seventy five times during hearings on the matter, and the company quietly settled with the government.

He's very smooth, but he lies whenever he opens his mouth. He has no story to tell, so he gains votes by lying about his opponent. At least two-thirds of his accusations about Bill McCollum were lies. Nearly all of his accusations against Alex Sink are lies. All of this information is available on sites like Politifact and Politico, but the moron voters would rather get their "news" from Fox and Scott's lying ads.

Scott would cause more damage to Florida than all of the hurricanes in history have caused. Don't let this happen!

Viktor Popp

Rick Scott is not the crimminal,it was Janet Reno.Nobody talks about the university of Pensylvania hospital,the John Hoppkins hospital
and the Mayo Clinic,all of them charged at the same time,accused of the same crime,by the
murderer of children in Waco,Janet Reno.All of these companies where fined,for a crime they did not commit.All companies could proove the medicare rules and regulations,they supposed to have violated,where written very poorly and confusing.All crimmnal charges where dropped and all moneys reurned to medicare.This was and
still us,a political witch hunt.
Rick Scott will make a great Governor, eliminating all unnecessary welfare projects and get rid of all the incompetence in
our state government.


22. Robin on May 4th, 2011 7:49 pm
This Govener is just another DISASTER for the state of Florida, just another situation Floridians just could not read the BALLOT. He is a sick, pathetic CROOK that should be in one of his private prisons with NO HEALTHCARE….I HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER THAT WORKS FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR IN THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A PLACE TO LIVE, NO RAISE IN YEARS AND THEN ASK THEM TO GIVE BACK 3% OF THEIR LITTLE PAYCHECKS, SO MR SCOTT’S FRIENDS CAN GET RICHER OFF THE MIDDLE CLASS/// MR SCOTT YOU ARE THE WORST OF THE WORST..

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