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The sour grapes file: Bill McCollum hasn't called Rick Scott. Alex Sink has

Newly crowned GOP gov. candidate Rick Scott is slowly mending fences with the guys who supported opponent Bill McCollum in their effort to tear him down.

After being stunned into radio silence after Scott won, Senate President Mike Haridopolos, House Speaker Dean Cannon and House Republican leader Adam Hasner sent out written statements of support. Haridopolos faced the press today, swallowed his pride and said he was ready to "bury the hatchet."

Scott said he didn't sleep last night, has been besieged with calls and hasn't been able to keep track of his emails. So he's not sure who has reached out to him. Except for one guy.

"I know McCollum hasn’t called me," Scott said.

Sound familiar? McCollum in 2004 held out his endorsement of Mel Martinez in their bruising U.S. Senate primary.

Scott faces Democrat Alex Sink in the primary (along with indie Bud Chiles). Even she reached out to Scott. She called him last night to congratulate Scott on his victory and, according to a spokeswoman, "emphasized that she hoped this would be a race focused on the issues."


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Why would Sink be facing Scott in a primary?


If I was McCollum, I sure wouldn't be endorsing someone who spent $50 million dollars running viciously negative ads against me.

Bloggy Bayou

Rick Scott and the RPOF: An Awkward Family Reunion Begins...
But It Is Better Than The Alternative




McCollum will nurse this into oblivion. But the GOP won't. The race is over. Scott won and everyone (except Bill & Ingrid) is behind him. Next!

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