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TV war in Dems AG race starts negative

State Sen. Dave Aronberg is first to the punch in the television war in the Democratic primary for attorney general. His campaign debuted an attack advertisement this week that links rival Dan Gelber to BP. (Aronberg's claims about Gelber's former law firm's connection to BP are a matter of dispute. Find a PolitiFact ruling on the subject here.)

The advertisement focuses on the offshore oil drilling issue, showing Aronberg as the antithesis to Sarah Palin's drill-baby-drill mantra. (The ad even features a picture of her.) And the second half hits Gelber. See for yourself below.

No details from Aronberg's campaign on the ad or the TV buy. This is recorded from TV. (Apologies for the quality.)

The first part:

The second part:


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True Blue

Great ad Dave, I'll be sending $500.00 to keep it going.

Miami Man

Go ahead True Blue, Aronberg needs the money - he's behind in cash on hand! Not to mention behind in the latest polls (Mason-Dixon poll from today has Dan Gelber up 23-21) and behind in newspaper endorsements (hasn't gotten a single one, compared to 6 straight for Gelber). The choice is pretty clear, really.

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