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Was Greene on 'vomit-caked yacht' to Cuba or not?

For some Hispanics in South Florida, one detail stood out in Adam C. Smith's profile of Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene: Former crew members say his 145-foot yacht went to Cuba in 2007, and "everybody talked about the vomit caked all over the sides from all the partying going on.''

Greene says he supports the Cuba embargo and stumbled in yesterday's debate againt rival Kendrick Meek to explain. From today's story on the debate:

"I don't know if I need to slide my chair over, because a bolt of lightning may come in and hit Jeff,'' Meek scoffed. "You're saying you weren't on your yacht, when it went to Cuba and eyewitnesses said you were on the yacht?"

"No," Greene responded. "I went to Cuba years ago on a Jewish mission to Cuba, yes, for the Jewish community."

"Were you on the yacht when it was reported …" Meek pressed.

"No, not that time … I was not on the yacht on the trip you're talking about. I was on the yacht on another time when I had a visa to go there and visit the Jewish community," Greene stammered as Meek cross-examined him.

Greene said during the debate he hadn't been to Cuba in probably five years but later acknowledged it may have been 2007.


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Greene is Red!

Har har! Kendrick you're a good man. Save your money for your next race, because nobody really thinks Greene is a Democrat. I'm voting for Crist because we need to keep that fascist JEBite Marco Rubio from doing any more damage to Florida, but I still love ya!


Voting Crist to keep Rubio from winning is not a good plan. If you are a Democrat vote for Kendrick. Charlie has shown his true colors in the past and is only reaching out to Dems for votes, he is in no way a liberal he is just slime that will do anything to win.


Give em hell Charlie!

Ito Bendito

ihh88's post is the dumbest advice I've ever read.


Truthfully, you should vote for whoever you support. It's not about voting for who you think might win. Voting to keep another guy out of office is voting for the wrong reason. You should stand by what you believe, whatever that is. Your vote is your voice.

Though this Greene guy is a joke.



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