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West disputes Klein ad

Republican Congressional candidate Allen West sent a press release this morning disputing Democratic Congressman Ron Klein's first attack ad.

Last night, Klein's campaign released an ad that stated that the IRs placed an $11,000 lien on West's home in Indiana for unpaid taxes and that he had liens on his Plantation home and lost a judgment for about $5,500 with American Express travel. West's campaign says that the IRS lien is lie and that West never lived in Indiana. Campaign spokesman Josh Grodin said the IRS made a mistake and he is researching what happened.

But Grodin doesn't dispute that West had liens placed on his Plantation home by his HOA. And he doesn't dispute the credit card judgment.

"Allen West was serving in Iraq and Afghistan. [His wife] Angela was putting herself through grad school and caring for two young daughters. Like countless young families the West found themeslves with a financial burden," Grodin said in an interview. Here's what the campaign wrote in a press release:

"It's sad that Klein has chosen to play politics as usual at a time when our country needs principled leadership - especially considering the fact that he flat out lied about Allen ever having an IRS lien in Marion County.  Let me say this again.  Allen West, and his wife Dr. Angela M. Graham-West have never resided, nor owned property in Marion County, IN, and there was never a valid IRS lien placed upon them.  Since Ron Klein approved this message, then Ron Klein owes the West family a formal public apology for this outrageous lie in his first campaign ad in 2010."



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True Blue

"never a valid IRS lien" HA,HA !!

That's what all IRS deadbeats claim.


"never a valid IRS lien HA,HA !! That's what all IRS deadbeats claim."

Unless it's true. Right now, all we have is the unproven ad claim of a career politician with a vested interest in keeping his taxpayer-funded job at any cost.

Should be a simple matter for the press to find out if Allen West and his wife actually DO own the property Klein claims they do and have had an IRS lien placed on it. Then we'll see if Klein's a liar trying to trick the public and defame his competition, or not.


How about debating the issures Mr. Klein? Col West has more character in his little finger than Klein does in his whole political body. How come his first ad is an attack ad trying to destroy him? I say Klein has been in politics too damned long. Time to send him packing without a pension in accordance with the 28th amendment that we are going to have enacted.

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