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Where will Jeff Greene's people go?

There weren't that many of them, considering Kendrick Meek's landslide victory in the Democratic Senate primary, but will Jeff Greene's supporters go to Meek or to Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running as an independent?

Diane Glasser, Broward state and national committeewoman, said she's with Meek.

"I'm a loyal Democrat. Kendrick called me yesterday morning, and he was quite collegial, very nice,'' she said. "I'll be there to help him, whatever I can do I will do...I don't think he did much of anything in Broward and maybe he learned his lesson and things will turn around...I hope he reaches out to me again."

 Democratic Rep. Jim Waldman of Coconut Creek, another Greene supporter, said he's not sure whom he'll back in the general election. Both Meek and Crist called yesterday, he said.

"I have not committed to either,'' he said. "My biggest interest in all of this -- and it was the reason I supported Jeff Greene -- was to make sure that Marco Rubio doesn't go to the U.S. Senate. His ultraconservative ideas are not consistent with mine...I'll say this: Charlie has a tremendous amount of support in Wynmoor, which is my largest voting bloc...Kendrick has a lot of work to do to repair his reputation in Broward."


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True Blue

Meek's support (such as it was) comes from the African/American community and the elitist Democrats who are deathly afraid that if they don't back him they will lose the A.A. vote.

When you look at the turnout of Democrats, it's easy to see how Crist will win this one walking away.

Moderate Democrat

Greene people are too smart to support Meek.


With the turn-out in the primary so low between 3% and 20% depending location in the state, maybe the general election it might go up to 30% of the registered voters. In a three-way race, Greene's people will be critical and may determine who wins the race.


Greene had more than 280,000 votes. Bush won the Presidency with 526 votes from Florida.


Where will the Greene people go? That's easy, back to the party boat!

An actual democrat

What was Diane Glasser doing supporting Greene in the first place ? How gracious of her to promise to vote Democrat in the general election. Waldman doesnt even deserve to be called a Democrat


Green won 32 of Florida's 67 counties and won all of the rural areas. Voter turnout in those areas was above 50%. After voting for Greene, these people probably won't vote for Meek. Crist needs too move quickly to pull these democrats into his camp. They certainly don't need to be in the republican camp.

bob jain


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