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Who is Rick Scott?

Rick Scott's campaign for the Florida governor's mansion is starting to look like his latest business acquisition.

In the 1990s, Scott exploded on the business scene and reshaped the hospital industry thanks to financial moxie, relentless drive and a salesman's knack for exploiting opportunities missed by others.

Those attributes have made the Naples millionaire the frontrunner for governor today. A political newcomer, Scott unexpectedly entered the race in April, hired a top-notch campaign staff and leveraged his sizable fortune to surge ahead of Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Aug. 24 Republican primary where career politicians appear more endangered than ever.

But Scott's successes have come at a cost.

As head of the mammoth Columbia/HCA hospital chain in the 1990s, Scott acknowledges, he was ``responsible'' for what became the largest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history, totaling $1.7 billion. McCollum and a coterie of well-financed Capitol insiders are bombarding television airwaves and mailboxes with ads and flyers to make sure every Florida voter knows about the scandal.

Scott, 57, brushes it off -- sometimes literally, by waving his hand as if shooing gnats.

``Attacks are life,'' Scott said when asked about the negative ads. Last month, voters asked him about the fraud case at nearly every stop of a six-day bus trip.

The questions underscore a conflict inherent in Scott's campaign: His business background and the Medicare scandal are inseparable. Scott -- who was not charged or fined -- said he didn't know about the troubles that unfolded on his watch, which raises questions about his leadership.

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Mr. Scott, attacks are NOT life -- yours, maybe, but not most people's. The vast majority of us NEVER do what you have done.

True Blue

Teabaggers unite!! Vote Scott!!!


Who Are You Rick Scott? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njy-7_mihAI


Who is Rick Scott? The guy who is going to kick the Party hacks out of headquarters on the 25th.

Baxter Troutman

This article provides the best insight I’ve seen thus far for answering the question: Who is Rick Scott? Thank you, Marc, for providing the facts and allowing the reader to form their own opinion(s).

The uncertainty exposed by our present economic woes has underscored our numorious weaknesses but it has also highlighted the steps required to hasten our recovery. Accountability and measured results are lacking in our present system of governing and doing the same thing with the same people does not provide me much comfort. In our homes, schools, workplaces, churches and families much hinges and depends on its leader. Why should government be any different? I believe the role of government is basically to paint the lines on the field and then get out of the way! It will take bold leadership to correct our problems and I feel Mr. Scott is the right man for the job today.

Mr. McCullom is a good person and has served our state with honorable intentions but we are not facing predictable times.

In our individual yet varied respects-we’ve all been through or are going through some very difficult times. My business (and life) has been whipped sawed by the evaporation in the job market. The people which come to me looking for jobs are frustrated, mad and outright scared and there is nothing I can do to help them!!

Fortunately we live in a society that provides us a choice. I choose to be apart of the solution because our collective futures will be greatly influenced by the choices and decisions we make today.

My personal opinion here is influenced largely from the “insider” perspective I have gleaned over the past eight years and sadly, was unable to correct.

Respectfully Submitted,

Baxter Troutman
State Representative
District 66

Polk Co. Republican

Um did Baxter Troutman really just opine to a blog post? Damn J.D. really has you whipped and beaten doesn't he.

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