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With ad buy, Scott busts campaign spending "cap"

Rick Scott's campaign bought $2 million worth of television advertising Wednesday, busting the gubernatorial campaign's $24.9 million spending cap -- despite previous pledges to stay within the limits.

Then again, as Scott's camp argues, there is no cap after the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals shot down portions of the state's public financing law. (Without the ruling, rival Bill McCollum would now get dollar-for-dollar matches to Scott's spending.)

But the Florida Secretary of State's Office said Wednesday it wouldn't appeal the injunction prohibiting the millionaires amendment. "We are not asking for further hearing on the issue," said spokeswoman Jennifer Davis, who noted the McCollum camp can still appeal if it wishes.

Scott's campaign reported expenditures at $23.1 million through July 23 and the latest ad buy (Aug. 4-10) tops $2.1 million. Total spending between the campaign and his affiliated 527 group puts his total at more than $30 million -- a 3-to-1 advantage over McCollum, whose campaign and affiliated groups spent just over $10 million.

Below see Scott's latest two ads attacking McCollum on raising taxes and drug testing welfare recipients.

Posted by Aaron Deslatte with the Orlando Sentinel:


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