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A peek at Rubio's debt

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio is carrying a lot of debt for a guy who preaches fiscal conservativism. A Wall Street Journal story about candidates with financial woes (including Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell in Delaware) notes the now-dismissed foreclosure lawsuit against a Tallahassee home he owns with state Rep. David Rivera.

In June, Florida GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio staved off foreclosure proceedings on a home he co-owned with another Republican, David Rivera, who is running for the House in South Florida. But the campaign acknowledged Mr. Rubio still carries a pile of debt on two homes, a home equity line of credit, a car loan and more than $150,000 in student loans.

The financial disclosure form filed by Senate candidates like Rubio does not require them to list mortgages on their personal residences. And unlike rivals Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek, Rubio did not release itemized tax deductions that would show property taxes and interest paid on mortgages.

More than $900,000 in home, car and student loans deflated his net worth to $8,332 in November 2008 when he left public office, according to his state financial disclosure form.


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Cannot imagine how much Beth will miss trashing Rubio. It is still impossible to believe that she is considered a true journalist as opposed to a home- grown blogger. Her political biases drip from everything she writes. Straight news -- never.


This is a story from the Wall Street Journal. Normally considered by the right wing to be a paper of truth.


I reckon this much debt means that Rubio has much more in common with average voters--certainly much more than Charlie Crist who has never owned a home.

Saint Petersblog

Marco Rubio blasted in the kind of TV spot the Dems should be airing now until the election http://bit.ly/cGhJRa

Boycott Marco Rubio

That's right. Any business that has a Rubio sign, refuse to do business with them. They have a right to their sign, and we have a right to take our business elsewhere. Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Boycott Marco Rubio !!!


It isn't the indebtedness that is so offensive. He made bad choices. It's the duplicity, hypocrisy, and failure to live by the principals he claims that make you fear what he would do if elected. He can make a fantastic speech. Remember his remarks when he became Speaker? He illustrated his concern by talking of the welfare mom who wants her child to have a better life. Then in his two years, he accomplished not a single thing he did to improve that woman's life. He epitomizes the worst of people who seek power, who have a God-given gift of good looks, charm and intelligence, then uses that gift to improve only his own life...no one elses.


This is exactly why I want him in Congress. I guy who understands what the common family is going through. If you looked at my finances between my wife's school loans and mine we owe about 150k, plus 225k in a mortgage and about 15k in credit card debt. You see Rubio is no different than the majority of families. Try barking up another tree with this nonsense.

Cynical Idealist

Ted....you need to shed that credit card debt.

People....If you have any credit card debt, you're living above your means


Rubio is just another right wing hypocrite. Someone should look up his contributors and their ties to his legislation. He is mr Pay-to-Play for his wingnut friends. Preach fiscal conservatism but leverage yourself to the max! Sould just like the right wing during the W administration. Rubio is nothing more than a right wing, ambitious, BS artist. There reasons he used the GOP crdit cards, he couldnt afford the trips he was making, he's living beyond his means. He would have fit in with the neocons who just ran our govenrnment for eight years.

Boycott Marco Rubio

That right !! Any business that has a Rubio sign, refuse to do business with them. They have a right to their sign, and we have a right to take our business elsewhere. Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Boycott Marco Rubio !!

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