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Alcee Hastings takes on the Tea Party and Ronald Reagan

Rep. Alcee Hastings is declining the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party's invite to debate -- but says it's not out of fear.

"Your reaction to my refusal to attend your debate will probably be that I am afraid to debate," he says in a letter he sent to Tea Partiers -- and the press. "Nothing could be further from the truth. 

"The simple reason that I refuse is that I do not think that any of your 41 members or your intended audience are going to vote for me in this election. Instead, I choose to spend my time and efforts trying to turn out the people that I have been privileged and honored to represent over the past 18 years. 

"Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, we have very different ideas. Your basic premise is to take your country back. I want our country to move forward. You represent the “party of me” while Democrats and I represent the 'party of we.'  Two great Americans proved this:  John F. Kennedy said, 'Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,' and Ronald Reagan said, 'Are you better off than you were four years ago?' "

The Broward Democrat has a Republican challenger, Bernard Sansaricq, a Haiti native who was president of the Haitian Senate in 1994.


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Furthermore, what is there to debate? no one is debating in politics now, this is warfare....and we have a Divided America, a Utopia Small Government group of noise makers defending archaic ideas such as the constitution prior to all the amendments and another America who wants to solve the problems plagging us today from the failure of the Capitalist system and the Republican party desctruction of America....What is there to Debate with the LOW IQ TEA BAGGERS? that goverment is toooooo biiig????? wow I donot think debating tea baggers is a worthy cause

Nick Smyth

I love the "low iq" and the other slams against a group of people that actually support government under the control of the U.S. constitution, argues for personal liberty as granted by that great document, and a host of other ideas and governance that founded and sustained this country. Given that the average Obama voter verses McCain was statistically less educated, less informed on who the political leaders were, you would think the media would point this out. But when Gallup and Rasmuessan posted a poll shortly after the 08 election, the press suddenly found a poll it did not like.

Nick Smyth

But nw lets look at the 40% of Obama supporters. We support ripping up legal contracts and turning private companies over to the federal contracts and union pension funds, spending 3.5 trillion dollars that we don't have on top of "Bush's" spending of 1 Trillion over 8 years, promote 2 justices who believe that the UN and world courts should take precidence over the Constitution, support the bashing of the private sector (insurance, pharma, energy, automobile, chemical, software, et al,,,) while promoting 850Billion to stimulate the sinking ship of Medicare and medicade. The problem is that the current suite in the white house and the chambers are working off the same manual FDR did which is the Trickle down economics of liberal philosophy = take from the producers, give to the government, add 150% cost structure, transfer to the non producers, and the wealth will trickle into the economy. I for one never was offered a job from a non-producer.

Nick Smyth

So now lets tackle that mean old capitalist system. Since this is the system that supports 30% of the UN budget, lets compare our standard of living over the past 100 years to those wonderfull other systems. I for one think that Chavez is doing a great job running 30% inflation rates while taking over the same companies that the "one" is working in this country to destroy. But lets not stop there, lets go to the REAL wonderful models of North K, former Soviet Union, Cuba for the extreme Left model of government. I think they speak for themselves. It really sounds like Mahlynda is a disgruntled government worker that is afraid the taxpayer might actually want to have a say in how all of their hard earned income is being spent by the unions, pols, and corrupt big business buddies that continue to loot the producers.


Agreed Nick. You folks keep thinking that Tea Partiers are a bunch of "low IQ" racist rednecks. You're going to find yourselves out on your butts come November!


What Would Joe Friday Do? Answer: Arrest "THE Florida Cabal"




Nick Smyth,

Mahilena is a successful business manager and technology expert, with a successful family but me Mahilena do not value what you value and disagree totally with you ...it is the abuse and failure of capitalism that has put us where we are at ...the abuses.... and the trickle down economics is what is making the poor poorer and the rich richer....you have to take from the producers to give to the poor and the less fortunate because the producers have a black heart and only think for themselves and care less about anyone else, this is what the Tea Baggers want to bring to Congress a bunch of novices that do not know what they are talking about only influenced by Hannity and Beck and the fat Limbaughs of the world....we need more civil rights more government regulation of the private sector and more regulation of the rich....cause they will destroy the country...anyways this country has been more productive with a greater GDP under Democratic administrations, the Republicans all they do is destroy the workers in favor of the high class...!

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