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Attention over Quran-hating pastor overshadows Gainesville's tolerant reputation

The multicolored ribbons started appearing on mailboxes, trees and buildings around town Friday, with the scrum of national reporters and cable television satellite trucks still parked on the lawn of the Dove Outreach Church.

The ribbons were a subtle counter-protest, part of the ``Peace, Love, Not Dove'' campaign started by community groups and city leaders smarting from the unwanted notoriety created by Dove church pastor Terry Jones' plans to burn the Quran on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Radical acts of faith do happen in this college town, but usually on fall Saturdays involving thousands of University of Florida football fans painting themselves orange and blue. More here.


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When You Remember 9/11...Remember THIS

Remember, It is the Religion of Peace and the Ground Zero Mosque is not being built as a Victory Mosque...Riiight /s off


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