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Ausley wants Atwater to look into DLP issue

Democratic CFO candidate Loranne Ausley called on her Republican opponent, state Senate President Jeff Atwater, to investigate the connection between Senate Majority Leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla and a disgruntled contractor with the Department of Corrections.

Standing outside Diaz de la Portilla's office minutes before a torrential downpour in Miami Thursday, Ausley also called on Atwater to produce any records of any meetings he or his staffers may have had with representatives of the Miami Beach-based Orion Medical Enterprises, a kidney dialysis company.

"The most important and critical challenge facing this office and the entire state of Florida is putting an end to the pay-to-play culture of corruption that is crippling our state and our economy," Ausley said, citing the Diaz de la Portilla letter as "what looks to me like a classic example of pay-to-play politics."

Last week, Atwater's spokesman said he could not find any records of the company meeting with anyone on the Senate president's office, and added that Atwater did not know about Diaz de la Portilla's letter on behalf of the company to DOC. Diaz de la Portilla sent the letter a week after his brother Miguel received a $15,000 campaign contribution from the contractor.

Alex Diaz de la Portilla and the company have denied any link between the campaign cash and the letter.


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stick this in front of a grand jury

Ausley will hammer on this until somebody does something --Atwater, the statewide grand jury, whoever. This is the most blatant example of cash for favors ever seen in Tallahassee.


Ausley is a joke. She is one of the most ineffective members ever to serve in the Legislature. She is political posturing and doing as many press releases as she can because she knows her failed candidacy cant afford to be on tv.

Loranne should go back home and leave politics to people who actually have accomplishments.


I'm not sure that Atwater can do anything about this even if he wanted to do so. This sounds like an issue for the Ethics Commission. Definitely sounds like political posturing, but hopefully someone with the authority to do something is looking into it. Still not sure how this has anything to do with the CFO race.


Ausley should go back home to drink lattes with her wealthy daddy's trail lawyer cronies.

What trial lawyers know how to do is make something out of nothing or turn little into much in order to extort money from others, using our court system which the lawyers control.

What trial lawyers don't know how to do is win fair elections by the existing rules. That's why they're trying to change the redistricting process to help their white, liberal buddies get elected as Democrats.

Anybody know any trial lawyers who aren't rich, other than those leftist activists who run around suing the government to force taxpayers to pay more for their beloved socialist programs?

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