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Calling Rubio 'hard-right,' Crist picks up another Dem

Gov. Charlie Crist, the Republican-turned-independent candidate for U.S. Senate, picked up an endorsement from another Democratic officeholder today -- state Rep. Luis Garcia of Miami Beach, the former vice chairman of the Florida Democratic Party. Yesterday, the governor was backed by Democratic state Rep. Yolly Roberson of Miami, who recently lost a primary bid for the congressional seat held by Crist's Democratic rival, Kendrick Meek.

Asked if the Republican Senate nominee, Marco Rubio, is too conservative for Florida, Crist said, "I think so. We've seen some elections across the country -- another one yesterday -- where you have a certain element of the Republican party that's been hijacked. It happened here in Florida. It happened in Delaware, apparently, yesterday and some other states. I think the reality is you've got the hard-right candidate. You've got the hard-left candidate. Where's the common sense candidate? Well that's what our candidacy represents. I'm trying to give the people a choice to have that on the ballot so they can make that decision for themselves instead of the party bosses giving us two choices that we're stuck with."

Asked if he was moving to the left to siphon Democratic votes from Meek, Crist gave a classic answer: "I'm leaning more Florida..I'm a fiscal conservative and I'm socially moderate. That's exactly where Florida is, I know it, and that's where our country is."


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octavio de armas

All extremes are wrong. Politics in general is wrong. Too much coruption. Too much special interest. Too much big goverment. Nobody doing anything about anything. We want somebody that truly understands middle class America and the situation we are facing. On that note I'll take my chances with Charlie Crist.

the Dagger

Octavio, or whomever you are, maybe alex villalobos, Charlie's constant flip floping should concern any person planning on voting in this election. Charlie was "the only real conservative" back in April, he was a "ronald reagan" rpublican back in March. He has never owned a home and has no kids, and only recently married to improve his shot at being VP.

Please this guy doesn't care about middle class America, Floridians, or anything else for that matter. The Obama Administration is growing government in a way we have never seen before. Our kids will be paying for programs that are being proposed. Middle class America is going to be destroyed if we continue this path.

Charlie is about Charlie. He is morphing into "I'll tell you anything you want to hear, as long as you vote for me" politician.

Is this what we want for leaders?

Susan in Aventura

Give em hell Charlie!


What's a career political hack clinging by his fingernails supposed to say when Rubio has a 14% lead over him. The media is the only fool falling for the old "hard-right" garbage anymore.


Oh, and, Charlie, Rubio is anything but what the Republican bosses would have chosen. It was a loser like you they chose until voters woke up and took the choice away from them. YOU sniffed that reality out before the primaries and bailed or have you forgotten?

THAT's the real story to this election and many more in the years to come.


Charlie Crist helped us stop the nation's largest coal plant in the heart of the endangered Everglades. He is and has been a pragmatic. Rubio is a Bush-lite, hard-headed developer who has only his richest backers in mind when he talks about "small" business - yeah, like the Koch Brothers who are among the richest in the world, but there are only two of them, so they are "small" - They back Rubio and other tea party Republicans and want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits and all public programs. They would love to see even Child Labor Laws revoked so they can make more money for their interests. Everything, including fire and police protection, would be available only to those who can pay-to-play. Forget affordable health care for their middle and low class serfs! Vote for Kendrick Meek and support the President. What Republicans don't seem to realize, their policies of BUSH and NO to every reasonable compromise will bring them down too. Our enemies love to see us divided. The Republicans are the Trojan Horse that will bring down the entire country, rich as well as poor. We are all in this together.

Vote your conscience, but follow the money! If the advertisers on CNN Florida Senate debate is an oil company, no wonder they did not talk about the environment! And, if all Republicans refuse to DISCLOSE the sources of their campaign money, beware! Could be China or taliban or any other multinational that makes a killing but does not even pay any taxes here in the US. The middle class guy does not get away with this. This is NOT democracy or free market or capitalism. We need a government of the PEOPLE, not run by corporate money. That is known as Facism.

Personally, I am voting for Kendrick Meek because he has less involvement with this corrupt system and will support the President. He also has the better record on the environment and Florida is vulnerable to climate change. A vote for a Republican is a vote for the richest 1% and against the other 99% of Americans.

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