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Can Crist win the Anyone-But-Rubio crowd?

Remember the saying ``Anyone But Bush'' among Democrats in 2004 who feared a second term by George W. Bush?

Florida Democrats are slinging a variation on the slogan for 2010: ``Anyone But Rubio.''

To liberal voters, Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio is a right-winging, tea-partying, oil-drilling, stimulus-hating, Obamacare-shunning, taxes-on-the-rich-cutting nightmare. And these Democrats are determined to stop him from winning on Nov. 2 by any means necessary, even if that means bailing on their own party's nominee, Kendrick Meek.

A vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio, the thinking goes, because Meek can't win. He's a lackluster Miami congressman lacking money, profile and oomph.

The strategic choice, the thinking continues, is Gov. Charlie Crist. The Republican-turned-independent has nearly twice as much money as Rubio and a statewide platform, not to mention that he knows how to campaign like the dickens.

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Are there THAT many Democrats left around who can't stand to see a black man in a position of authority?

Willie Logan all over again.

Informed Democrat

No President Obama the last time I checked is still a Black Democrat.

But here the best choice is Governor Crist.

Give em hell Charlie!

Informed Floridian

Trust me, after four years of Charlie Crist's horrible performance as governor, he has already given un quite enough hell.

Moderate Democrat

IF: Wrong. The Governor has done a good job and stood up to the far right of his Party.

That is why this Democrat is voting for Crist.


Shame on these Democrats. They hide their racism behind excuses that don't make any sense.

But Mr. Cristo-Change-O is one hell of a snake oil salesman. And many Democrats have shown how they drink that up, as they did with Obama.

True Blue

Crist will have all the anti-Rubio vote on top of all the anti-Meek vote.

Meek is NOT being judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.


On a performance level, Crist has been a good governor. He has protected the people from harsh legislation, he has took the hits and got much needed federal money for us, he continues to bring in tons of federal money, he has been in control and provided assistance in every crisis we have faced on his watch from hurricanes to oil spill, and there is a lot more. He has provided leadership to all of the people. So he has a lot of support across the board. That is why many people will vote for him, not because they are against Meek, but they are for Crist.

It's obvious

whasup: We know you are a paid right wing blogger attacking Crist and Obama incessently. Your act is old and tired.

Give em hell Charlie!

Denny Wood

Crist cannot win as he is a 10 year Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) violator. His capitol building was formally identified in a ADA Capitol Report posted at www.dignity4disabled.com. 10 years of perpetuating the ADA barriers, keeping job sites for the disabled out of the capitol is criminal. People with disabilties will vote disability first and party second. Thanks to the internet and e-mail most organizations of people with disabilities are aware of the ADA Capitol Report. And we still have 59 days to keep spreading the word on Crist and Sink, cabinet level ADA lawbreakers.
Elections is where we generally express our positions on ADA lawbreakers. www.dennywood.net

Denny Wood

Rubio will also fail. As women and men proponents learn what a snake Rubio was as Speaker of the House in killing off the Federal Equal Rights Amendment. Speakers refer bills and resolutions to committees. Speaker Rubio made sure this ERA resolution never would be heard by NOT referring the issue to a committee. Speakers generally have more professional ways to kill off legislation other than no committee referral. The Rubio and the ERA secret is getting out to women. Expect Rubio to skip more TV forums in fear that Meek and Crist want to bring this Rubio-ERA issue out into the open. The last thing in the world Rubio wants is to educate women voters about the ERA. They should as it is a dirty Rubio/ERA secret. I have posted much of the ERA issue at www.dennywood.net

Rosie Greer

How about... Any Clown but Chuckles!

Poor Kendrick Meek sits thinking he's got the Democrats support, meanwhile Crist had a secret meeting with Obama in Martha's Vineyard last week to discuss undermining Meek.

You'll have to google that though, the Times/Herald doesn't want Democrats to know that.

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