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Can Crist win the Anyone-But-Rubio crowd?

Remember the saying ``Anyone But Bush'' among Democrats in 2004 who feared a second term by George W. Bush?

Florida Democrats are slinging a variation on the slogan for 2010: ``Anyone But Rubio.''

To liberal voters, Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio is a right-winging, tea-partying, oil-drilling, stimulus-hating, Obamacare-shunning, taxes-on-the-rich-cutting nightmare. And these Democrats are determined to stop him from winning on Nov. 2 by any means necessary, even if that means bailing on their own party's nominee, Kendrick Meek.

A vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio, the thinking goes, because Meek can't win. He's a lackluster Miami congressman lacking money, profile and oomph.

The strategic choice, the thinking continues, is Gov. Charlie Crist. The Republican-turned-independent has nearly twice as much money as Rubio and a statewide platform, not to mention that he knows how to campaign like the dickens.

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