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Charlie Crist ad redux: now Kendrick Meek is a threat, too

When the polling got tough on Gov. Charlie Crist, Crist got going on U.S. frontrunner Marco Rubio in an an attack ad packed with some pants-on-fire falsehoods.

Now, the newly independent Crist has a new ad that's targeting both Rubio, a Republican, and Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek. The ad doesn't look (at first blush) to be false. But it sure suggests that Crist is losing Democratic support in the race for Senate. Crist needs to hang on to nearly half of all Democrats and half of all independents if he wants to win. And chances are, more and more Democrats are going to continue to come home to Meek as the partisanship of the election season grinds on.

We'll know more tomorrow when Mason-Dixon releases its poll results on the Senate race. Meantime, here's the (bong?) smoke-filled ad bashing Rubio and Meek.


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Clowns to the left; jokers to the right

Give em hell Charlie!


Did I hear that right? They say CharLIE Crist is honest? That is the most laughable thing I have heard yet. I have never met a more dishonest politician than CharLIE Crist.

Denny Wood

Crist needs to expose the Marco Rubio who was anti-ERA at the legislature. And how the republicans and Rubio made sure the Era never saw the light of day, meaning no first committee hearings. Meek needs to help expose Rubio. Women can learn about the ERA at www.dennywood.net.

Meek then needs to expose Crist as the state's number 1 American's with Disability Act, and how the governor has not had restrooms for people in wheelchairs on his office floors for
10 years. This means no wheelchair job sites at the capitol on his floors. See the ADA Capitol Report at www.dignity4disabled.com

Meek needs to wake up and use the truth about Rubio and Crist. When he dones this, he can win the election.

And these women journalists? Are their head in the sand? Rubio must love them for their silence on the ERA and Rubio. Maybe they too, need to read up on the ERA. Denny Wood

Denny Wood

Is anyone reading this stuff? Let me know. Denny Wood at dignity4@comcast.net. This includes the women in the photos on the left.


He gave his momma a Cadillac?

average joe

Charlie Crist stands for nothing but his own election. He only cares about himself. His attacks on Meek and Rubio are rediculous and I can't wait to vote him out!


November election results:

Crist - 42%

Meek - 33%

Rubio - 25%

Teabaggers - 0%

jeb bush - less than zero.

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