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Charlie Crist: RPOF is 'trying to kill me'


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See ya, Chuck

Charlie Crist is the worst governor in the United States. He is a liar and an incompetent.

We're not trying to kill you, Charlie. We're just trying to make you unemployed forever. That way your brand of 'leadership' can no longer harm the people you pretend to serve.

Saint Petersblog

Marco Rubio supporter Chris Ingram alleges Rubio used GOP credit card for home remodeling



No Governor you're killing us. For the past four years you acted as an empty-suit governor. You abandoned the GOP for personal gain. You're continue to use campaign given to you as a Republican. You talk about morals and ethics but you refuse to give the money back. Now you embrace Obama and his buddies. There's not a Democrat endorsement you wouldn't take at this point. The desparation reeks in your campaign.

it tolls for thee, CC

Charlie Crist is the Lindsay Lohan of national politics. You just watch the self-destructive death spiral and wonder how much worse it can get. He is contemptible in his self-pity and one-man martyrdom show. For four years we've been treated to the spectacle of a hollow little man milking the system for everything it has. Now we're seeing the terminal stage of his decline.

Who is running his campaign? Who is running his life for that matter? No house. A fake wife. No kids of his own. Doesn't even own a car. And soon about to be the most alienated man in Florida.

Hey, Charlie, how's that happy warrior thing working out for you?


Mr. Cristo Change-O's problem is that all the things he's said before to fool voters into electing him are now being used against him, by both Republicans and Democrats.

Those claims and promises couldn't be used against him if he had accomplished what he campaigned on, but, well, you know, ...

He's not Republican enough for Republicans, and he's too Republican for Democrats.

And those independents he wants to represent are those selfish, self-centered citizens (much like Chuckles himself), who want the government to pay for everything the Democrats promise, AND want to have all the tax cuts the Republicans promise.

It's that mindset of "independent" center that's got the whole country screwed up, and Shucking Chuckles thinks more of that in Washington is a good thing.

Susan in Broward

Looks to me like the Rubio trolls are out again.

Seems they can not accept the truth about Rubio today. See 7:23 am post.

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