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Charlie Crist (sort of) defends attack on Marco Rubio

In a rather misleading ad, Gov. Charlie Crist lit into Marco Rubio over big spending. (Background/ad here) So we asked the guv. to defend his attack. Here's the give and take with our Becky Bowers:

Q: How is it fair to say Rubio "sneaked" $500m of local projects into the budget when it was done out in the open and many of the spending items were placed in there by the Senate, headed by your supporter Ken Pruitt?

Crist: "Because a lot of items that were put in there, he put in there personally, and among them $800,000 for artificial turf on a football field where he played flag football. You know, I don't know how else to say it. That's about as ridiculous as it can get."

Q: How is it fair to tag Rubio for spending on that rowing center and the flag football field when your own internal records show that he wasn't the lawmaker connected to the projects?

Crist: "Because he's the overseer of the House. He's the speaker -- he was the Speaker of the House."


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Say or do Anything to get elected Charlie.


Give em hell Charlie!


Boycott Marco Rubio. Any business that has a Rubio sign do not do business with. They have a right to their sign and we have a right to vote with our feet. Tell your friends and neighbors - Boycott Marco Rubio!!!!


Shucking Chuckles is a loser. When this is over, he won't even get as many votes as Kendrick Meek.

Parting is such sweet sorrow..... not really!

More on Gov. Crist's Senate race here:


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