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Chiles, Sink now on the same team

After three months of being rivals, Bud Chiles and Alex Sink are on the same team. Chiles endorsed Sink this morning at a press conference in Tallahassee.

In a quick speech, Sink said she and Chiles shared common goals, including children's issues, renewable energy and ethics reform. Chiles said he "would be delighted" to help on her campaign, though no events have been worked out yet.

As for a future role in a Sink administration, Chiles said, "I have not idea at this point whether that will come together or not." Sink also denied that she offered him a job, saying that would be improper.

Chiles said that not all, but a majority, of his backers would move to the Sink camp: "I'm confident that the Bud Chiles supporters will be supporting Alex Sink."

The two politicos danced around the question of 527 funding. Just last week, Chiles railed against Florida's soft money system, essentially equating the political committees with money laundering. Sink today said that if her campaign did set up an outside group, all of the finances "will be fully transparent."