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Club for Growth goes after Crist

The anti-tax Club for Growth launched $1.5 million worth of television ads today in five states, including Florida, where it supports Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio. This is the second outside group (the other is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) attacking Gov. Charlie Crist on the air.

Crist's response: "Washington special interests are scared to death of an independent candidate who will fight for Florida, and not them."

Here's the ad:


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thanks for redefining the word useless, Chuck

This is unfair to Governor Crist. It's not like he did nothing as Governor. He did show up for work one day in 2009, and had he not gotten a headache, would have worked almost an entire 8-hour day. Also, during the oil spill he walked along the beach a lot and looked worriedly at the horizon (at least when the cameras were around). Sometimes he even pointed at the water which required an extra effort.

So, it's not like he was a do-nothing Governor.

Mary Ann

Great comment by Chuck. Crist is definitely an opportunist who will say and do anything to get that word Senator before his name. Anyone who still supports this guy is completely off their rocker, at least in my opinion. Go Marco - victory on November 2nd

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