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Coburn says his reason for departure: 'I'm just worn out'

It was 1976 when David Coburn walked into the legislature and took a job as an intern.

He will leave his post as staff director of the senate budget office on November 2, the latest among senior staffers to leave.

"I’m just worn out,’’ Coburn said Friday. “I’ve been around a long time, I was offered the opportunity to stay, but it’s just time."

Coburn, 58, has directed the budget staff in the House, Senate and for Gov. Lawton Chiles and served as chief of staff for Senate President Ken Pruitt and House Speakers Jon Mills and T.K. Wetherell.

Longtime observers of the legislative process say Coburn knows more about the state budget than anyone else alive.

Asked what he plans to do when he leaves, Coburn said: “rest."

-- Alex Leary


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David - Wishing you the best ! You truly have given alot of your time and energy to the process...and, its better for it. You gave me an opportunity many years ago, both OPB and House, and I thank you for it. Agree -- REST! then enjoy life !


Just another unelected, unaccoutable mandarin in the legislative bureaucracy who's been around and way too powerful for way too long.

Some of the big boy lobbyists are losing one of their best tools on the inside.


Just more of the Haridopey house cleaning. Get rid of everybody who knows what's going on and Haridopey and gang will do as they please.

david flagg

Best wishes to you David.
David Flagg


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