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Crist campaign scoffs at Thrasher accusations

Crist campaign spokesman Danny Kanner: "Given Marco Rubio is the candidate in this race who's under federal investigation for failing to report income to the IRS, it's probably best that the party bosses stop playing the same old political games and take a hard look at their own nominee before attacking the one truly independent candidate for U.S. Senate."

It's worth noting that federal investigators were reviewing multiple officials connected to the state GOP credit card scandal and the Ray Sansom scandal. GOP fundraiser Al Hoffman said federal investigators interviewed him and were particularly interested in Crist campaign spending by the party.

Rubio has said no investigator has contacted him about anything, and campaign spokesman Alex Burgos scoffed at the Crist statement: "Everyone knows Charlie Crist will say and do anything to win. Now he's trying to distract attention from the fact that his hand-picked Republican Party chairman has been indicted, his close friend Scott Rothstein is heading to jail, and Charlie Crist sits at the center of all of it."

The Florida Democratic party had demanded the audit be released, but today spokesman Eric Jotkoff took the high road, sort of: "Because today is a day to remember those who lost their lives nine years ago on the tragic day of 9/11/2001, unlike the Rick Scott Republicans who are using today for partisan attacks, we are focused on honoring the first responders and troops who keep Florida safe."


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Bloggy Bayou

Lesson NOT Learned: The Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) Shoots Itself in the Foot Again




The Florida Republican Party's lack of loyalty in passing over Charlie Crist and choosing Marco Rubio is obvious. John Thrashers rise to power in Florida politics is questionable and certainly his lack of knowledge of Florida Education problems was evident in SB6. Mr. Thrasher has managed to divide the Republicans not Charlie Crist. More evidence of the existence of rabid "wingnuts".

Moderate Republican in Naples

Bloggy is right.

Party hacks and Buffons running the Party.

Give em hell Charlie!

the truth hurts, Charlie

Here's the reality that the Crist-ites want you to ignore: For years Jim Greer ran the Republican Party like Charlie Crist's personal pleasure palace, buying him hundreds of lavish private meals and renting helicopters to ferry around his lugagge. Crist hopes nobody learns of the millions that were spent for his personal gratification. So, the only tactic he has left is to attack and hope that nobody pays attention to the truth. Jim Greer, the hand-picked goon of Charlie Crist, ran the Party as an enterprise for the sole benefit of Charlie Crist. That is why Greer is now under criminal indictment. Period.

Saint Petersblog

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Saint Petersblog

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